Nils‘ K1v: Version 1.19 released

I’ve just released an update for Nils‘ K1v, now at version 1.19. This is a maintenance release with the following fixes:

  • [Fix] Dropped midi events caused notes to be hanging or not played at all in some hosts
  • [Fix] Neither SysEx send nor receive worked in Mac AU version
  • [Fix] UI did not update if single parameter was changed via MIDI SysEx
  • [Fix] Pitch Bend changes were processed even if turned off in global settings

Please head over to the product page to download the latest version.


Thanks a lot for your ongoing support! 👍

Universal Manager updated after 15 years

I still get requests related to my Universal Manager sometimes. Its a program I created 18 years ago, the latest update now being 15 years old. It was a litte tool that was able to talk to MIDI hardware to exchange & organize presets.

Recently, a mail arrived regarding Windows 10 compatibility issues / crashes.

I completely forgot about that litte, but very helpful program. Due to the fact that I work on a K1 emulation VSTi and I have to test a lot on a real K1 to do this, this program came in very handy.

So i converted that old project to a recent version of my development environment, cleaned up the code, even found some issues that I was able to fix and added some improvements. And of course, I added support for the Kawai K1.

Feel free to grab the latest version here. Changes:

  • Upgraded development environment to fix Windows 10 compatibility issues
  • Fixed memory corruption issue when parsing MIDI messages
  • Open File dialog now remembers the last used extension and preselects it (either .syx or .mid)
  • You can now load multiple files in Open File dialog by using multi selection
  • Added ability to specify a checksum starting value for checksum calculation the idf file (see html manual)
  • Added support for Kawai K1 Single to instrument definition

High Performance / Low Latency Audio on Android

My thoughts on the current state of low latency audio on Android can be found on the site of my app Heat Synthesizer:

Car Radio: Android Head Unit review – Foryou Adayo AN6B01 / Nakamichi NMMC-1300 / OttoNavi K1 / Rydeen DV621 / HiTV iDroid 8000

Because I didn’t find much information about this unit on the net, I’m writing this review so others can have a look before buying.

Android Head Unit Picture

How I came to this head unit

Because I was bored by my Zenec ZE-NC3811D head unit for quite some time now, I wanted something with more features and a smoother interface and without all those tiny annoyances that the Zenec brought to me.

„Car Radio: Android Head Unit review — Foryou Adayo AN6B01 / Nakamichi NMMC-1300 / OttoNavi K1 / Rydeen DV621 / HiTV iDroid 8000“ weiterlesen