Personal Information
  • Nils Schneider
    Am Mühlenweg 25
    41470 Neuss
  • Mail: cv at nilsschneider dot de
  • Programming in the following areas:
    Games, UI, 3D-Engines, Shader-Development, Networking, Multithreading, Tools, Editors, Musical Instruments, DSP-Algorithms
  • Music Creation
  • Sound-FX Creation
  • Unity3D, Direct3D / OpenGL, NVidia CUDA, OpenCL, fmod, OpenAL, VST, MIDI, NSIS, Node-RED, nodejs
  • C, C++, C++11, C#, Cg, hlsl, glsl, CUDA, OpenCL
IDEs and Tools
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Perforce, Subversion, git, mercurial
  • 3dsmax, Photoshop
Basics in
  • Linux, HTML, php, MySQL

5 Gedanken zu „Portfolio“

  1. Hi Nils

    I’m hoping to try out the K1V, but when I unzip the Mac VST zip file, it doesn’t unzip to a file called NilsK1v.vst, it unzips to a Folder called NilsK1v.vst, with a contents folder below that, and so on.

    Kindest regards


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