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  1. Dear Nils,

    For starters thanks for a nice VST for the Android and the VST plugin.

    For the life of me, I have been unable to get the Heat Synth DEMO VST integration to
    work for me.

    Here is my setup:


    – i5 Windows 7 with Ableton Live 9, Reaper (4.5).
    – Heat DEMO VST plugin loaded (works fine in Ableton and Reaper)
    – Heat DEMO on my Android
    – Connected to the same WiFi router
    – Login successful as: CytokineStorm
    – Settings: I have attached a screen shot.
    – Windows Firewall: turned OFF

    – Same PC but I boot into Fedora 20 Linux environment.
    – Reaper loads Heat Synth fine but still no toast screen.


    I am not getting the Android device to connect to the running instance of Heat DEMO with Ableton or Reaper.
    The toast message is never displayed even though the firewall is turned off.

    I feel there is something missing. I am more than willing to document the steps required for Ableton and Reaper if you can help me resolve this.
    I am sure lots of folks are facing the same issue. What port # is it working on? What protocol is it using so that it can connect to Ableton.

    Personally I have tried TouchOSC and I am able to use my Android to trigger samples in Ableton with no issues.

    So what is missing? Do I need to purchase the PRO in order for VST integration to work?

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


  2. Hi,
    I bought the pro version in Google Ap store but I am really a novice beginner using the Synthesizer what would you advice me to read? where can I get some instructions on the use of the heat Synthesizer?
    thanks for the help !

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