Nils‘ K1v now available as Mac AU / future work

The AudioUnit version of the Kawai K1 emulation plugin is now available, too. This enables users of Logic on the Mac to finally use my Kawai K1 emulation.

Please visit the K1 homepage to download:

As all major platforms are now supported, I can continue to improve the plugin itself.

Biggest open topic for me are velocity curves, because they do not match the hardware. I already started with further analysis of my K1m.

As a next step, I’m going to integrate all 200 singles of the Kawai PHm Pop Synth Module and redesign the UI how to selected presets. Just in case you want to have them beforehand, visit this page to download them, ready-to-use as I have converted them to the K1 format.

Stay tuned 👍

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  1. I tried K1v on both PC (in SAWStudio) and on Mac (GigPerformer). Although it sounds quite decent (very close to my original K1 module), it was a bit buggy with the sustain pedal, as well as notes getting stuck, i.e., remaining on, as if note-off commands were dropped from the MIDI stream. Hopefully, these issues can be fixed before the next update.

    Gr8 job, Nils! Thank you for the free VST and AU versions.

    1. Thanks for reporting this, somehow I heared it multiple times, but at the moment I cannot reproduce it. At which samplerate do you use the plugin? It might be dependent on the host sample rate.

  2. Thank you Nils so very much.
    I’ve had a K1m (deceased) or K1r since 1991 and used them in numerous songs. Although I have some classic gear (Jupiter 4, System 100, Minimoog, Eurorack, Blofeld) I keep going back to it – The grit is special.
    A couple of years ago I ‚circuit bent‘ the K1r with about 22 bends and a LTC1799 clock speed knob. This made it very interesting but a little hard to keep under control and the presets weren’t right or completely clean. Your K1v is exactly what I need. I have been working through making 2 banks: The first is a collection of my own single patches old and new to run on the K1v in Ableton: The second is a bank of 64 singles made in K1v optimised for my K1r to make best use of the bends.
    I have a question though; I can can name singles, but can I also name banks in K1v? I am using the Audiounits version – macOS 10.13
    Thank you again

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