Nils‘ K1v now available as Mac/Linux VST & official approval by KAWAI!

Finally, after waiting several weeks, Kawai reported back to me that they have no issues with me developing a Kawai K1 emulation. This is great news for me personally as I was still concerned that Kawai could respond in a way that would bring me in trouble. But they did not! 👍 They even sent high quality Kawai logos that I’m allowed to integrate into the plugin, I’m impressed, big thanks to Kawai!

Furthermore, there are now Linux & Mac versions of the VST. For Linux, there are .deb and .rpm packages in both 32 bits and 64 bits. The Mac version requires a 64 bit OS, minimum version is OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

For Mac, an AU version will definitely come. LV2 for Linux, too! Stay tuned.

Special thanks to all donators and to all testers at the KvR forum, a lot of people helped making the plugin available for Linux & Mac by testing on their machines.

3 Gedanken zu „Nils‘ K1v now available as Mac/Linux VST & official approval by KAWAI!“

  1. Perfect timing! I was just wondering when a Mac version might come out, and here it is! Thanks a lot, Nils, and congratulations on getting the blessing of Kawai for the project.

  2. Many thanks.
    I’ve been a Kawai enthusiast for many years. K1, K3, K4, still have the synths.
    For live performance, I’ve moved to soft synth. Prior, I have purchased sample patches for this use, but editing was limited. Congratulations on toyr fine product.
    Kawai has always been supportive for years after these models went off the market. I remember Troy being very helpful.
    Again congratulations.
    Are a good K3 vst and K4 in your plans for development?

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