Kawai K1 VST: Audio Demo

Update: New Audio Demo is here

Recently, I worked in lots of different areas. I re-recorded all wavetables (separate article will follow), reworked the envelope timings, implemented velocity curves, measured LFO speeds and more.

I thought its about time for some audio demos. I recorded this using the current state of the VST plugin. Of course, there are still a lot of issues, but a lot of presets are running fine already.

Kawai K1 VST – some of the factory singles

In the audio demo above, you hear the following factory presets (in order of appearance):

  • iA-5 Return Home
  • IB-3 Jazz Harp
  • IA-5 Visitors
  • IA-3 String Pad
  • IC-7 Terminator

The only thing I added is a bit of reverb and EQ. Let me know what you think!

7 Gedanken zu „Kawai K1 VST: Audio Demo“

  1. Hello Nils
    The Kawai K1 as vsti, I’ve always been waiting for.
    Sounds very good. Like the original. Is AM already integrated there?
    Will you be able to import original sysex data later?
    Thank you for your efforts

    1. Hi Markus,

      yes, I’ll definitely implement AM. Import of sysex is already working, this is how I started to develop it. All you hear in the examples is from the original factory bank, loaded as sysex data.



    2. By the way, if you have specific presets with AM that you would like me to test, it would be good to have the sysex, together with a recording from a K1. Unfortunately mine is still broken and Kawai didn’t respond to my mail yet.

  2. This is fantastic stuff, y first keyboard was a PH50 and it basically made every expensive synth after wards sound a bit stale hahaha, looking forward to getting this 100%

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