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  1. I just wanted to send you a note to tell you how much I enjoy Heat. It’s the best sounding synth for Android I’ve heard. The sound is excellent and I think it’s very thoughtfully laid out. I’ve had many synthesizers over the years and spent many thousands of dollars. I don’t do music professionally and sold almost all of my gear, most regrettably a couple of machines from Waldorf I can’t get back for any reasonable money. Anyway, again, I want to thank you for giving me a reasonably powerful tool to use with my Android device. Hopefully, Google will get it together so it’s feasible for better music software development…and so that you are able to continue development. Someday it would be great to see more flexible control via midi and also to see more filter types. But, even if it stays the way it is, it’s still great. Thank you.


  2. Hello,
    I was wondering whether this is the Nils Schneider who remixed Albinoni around 10 years ago, as well as producing the trance song titled Impression?
    If so, why do you not produce music like that anymore? It was and still are phenomenal!! I happen to have come across these two tracks and I wish there was more! Browsing through the internet, I happened to come across this website through some people on youtube commenting that this website belongs to the same Nils Schneider, so I thought I’d give it a shot! If it’s really you, I gotta admit that your work is amazing! Not only your old music but your current career path in the development section! I am truly impressed! So much talent!
    If you happen to be the same Nils Schneider, do you happen to have an online library for those old trance tracks you produced and remixed?
    I would very much love to listen to all your music, and more than willing to purchaste it! (for personal pleasure of course, not for redistribution or resale). I tried looking for them on Mixcloud, Beatport, Soundcloud, Youtube, Amazon, iTunes, and every other music site I could find but had no luck to find your amazing work. It would be awesome to have it or at least be able to listen to it online. Thank you for your time!
    Best Regards,
    Daniel Gomez

  3. Hi,I have used your manager some times now and I’ve also figured out how to open patches for mu Virus TI. But I think I need some help with my Nordlead-1, JX8P and JP-8000.

  4. Hi,

    bei einem Windows-Remake des Spiels Wings of Death waren deine Remixe dabei – sogar Level 2, was bei gar nicht auftaucht. Eine Suche auf YouTube lieferte aber nur Videos von einem einzigen Benutzer, der wegen Urheberrechtsverstößen gesperrt wurde. Eine Suche nach „Wings Of Death Level X Remix“ liefert nur mäßig interessante Ergebnisse. Deine Versionen hingegen genieße ich jedes Mal, wenn ich in einem Reisebus oder Flugzeug sitze.

    Wärst du so nett, deine Versionen der WoD-Level auf YouTube hochzuladen, vielleicht einfach ohne großen Aufwand mit kdenlive oder Movie Maker mit schwarzem Bild oder irgendetwas von Pixabay hinterlegt? Wenn es für dich in Ordnung ist, mache ich das auch gerne selbst. Fände ich nur komisch, wo du doch bereits einen eigenen Kanal auf der Plattform hast.

    Achso: Gibt es einen bestimmten Grund dafür, dass Level 2 bei nicht auftaucht?

    Viele Grüße,

  5. Hi Nils,

    I ran into your reverb looking for information on OpenCL audio processing.
    I’m designing a Wave Field Synthesis system for live music and theatre mostly. It’s all here:

    So far I’ve only dealt with direct sound a very basic reverb positionning. Now my next step is to have the corresponding early reflections for each source.
    Since sources are in movement I need to build the IR for each channel through each speaker and constantly update it. On a fairly powerful computer, just dealing with the direct sound and many channels at a low latency is tricky. So even if the latency would be more relaxed to process early reflections, it’s still way too much for a CPU.
    So I’m looking into porting the large matrix convolutions to the GPU. Would you like to get involved to some degree? I would need some help with the VST to OpenCL transfers. The rest I can hopefully do myself, but I’m really open to collaborations.

    Let me know!
    Bis bald

  6. Sieht auf jeden Fall sehr interessant aus, werde es die Tage testen, und wenn ich eine Inspiration bekomme, werde ich eine Demo machen.


    Wenn du möchtest besuche unser Forum.
    Große Freeware VST-Database, viele zum direkten herunterladen. Auch Sachen, die man nirgendwo im Netz findet.
    Das Forum ist in Englisch und Deutsch
    Musiker können ihre künstlerischen Ergüsse direkt hochladen
    Biete dir für deine Software ein Support-Forum


  7. Habe einen Fehler entdeckt, wenn ich eine 2. Instanz von dem Plugin lade, sieht das Fenster so aus.

    Sonst Kompliment, das Plugin kommt dem Kawai K1 sehr nahe, nur das Original klang noch ein wenig dreckiger, hatte ihn selber mal gehabt und leider damals nicht besonders geschätzt

    1. Hi,

      welchen Host verwendest Du? Ich habe mit mehreren Instanzen unter VSTHost und Cubase keine Probleme. Vielleichts gibts ja die Möglichkeit einer Demoversion Deines Hosts, mit dem ich testen kann.



      1. Ich nutze Cubase Pro 10.5.20, also die neuste Version. Win 10, Steinberg UR22-Audio, 32 GB Ram, 4 mal 3,0 GHz.
        Mit Reaper habe ich es noch nicht probiert, da habe ich auch die aktuellste, das nutze ich nicht so oft

        Ich werde es die Tage nochmal probieren, ich kannte diesen Fehler aus Zeiten, wo ich schwächere Computer hatte, ist seit Jahren das erste mal wieder passiert 🙂

        Sobald ich eine Demo geschafft habe, stelle ich sie dir zur Verfügung

  8. Hi, my name is Dave Figueroa, I’m from Chile.
    I recently bought a Kawai K1m like yours and I found your site because I started to search a Program or VST to load programs to my module, so I found your site.
    The question is how can I send SysEX from your VST to my K1m?
    I will very pleased if you help me.
    Thanks in advance and greetings from Santiago de Chile!
    Hallo, mein Name ist Dave Figueroa, ich komme aus Chile.
    Ich habe kürzlich einen Kawai K1m wie Ihren gekauft und Ihre Site gefunden, weil ich angefangen habe, ein Programm oder eine VST zu suchen, um Programme in mein Modul zu laden, also habe ich Ihre Site gefunden.
    Die Frage ist, wie ich SysEX von Ihrem VST an meinen K1m senden kann.
    Ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn Sie mir helfen.
    Vielen Dank im Voraus und Grüße aus Santiago de Chile!

  9. In answer to your question what is wrong with the K1m? It is probably the chip. These are chips made by Kawai and they seem to be not that sturdy.
    My own K1 II developed problems two years ago. There was one voice that would have a crackly noise whenever it was played. So every 16 notes there would be this noise. I opened the thing up. Couldn’t see anything obviously wrong with it. In a moment of brilliant insight I wondered what would happen if I tapped one of the sound chips lightly with a screwdriver. The K1 has never worked ever after. I had to throw it away.
    Later I read similar stories online. Apparantly the chips go bad over time. Maybe Kawai have some remaining spare parts.
    Anyway, good luck with your endeavour to fix it. I might be wrong of course.

    Best regards,

  10. Dear Nils,

    First of all, thanks for your great job, K1v sounds superb! However, let me state some issues I’ve found so far:
    – there’s no sound from some keys randomly for the first hit
    – keys get stuck randomly, only can be fixed by hitting them one more time or changing patch

    Please see an example attached from the patch „KillDaMix“, I drove a hardware unit and K1v with the same MIDI data:
    – it’s both hearable and visible in the waveform that the sample looping is faster in K1v than in the original hardware
    – some waveforms don’t loop (due to the nature of rompling I guess, e.g. 226: El Grand /source 1/ in KillDaMix), the deeper the sample the longer the sound, I know the hardware works this way as well, but as I can hear, it produces somehow smoothly, the higher the voice the more noticeable the effect, it suddenly cuts off in a non-pleasing way and cannot be fixed using the envelope
    – the hardware sounds smoother overall, maybe it’s aliasing in K1v

    Could you please check the above? If we can help with beta testing, we participate willingly. (We’re under Win7/Win10 x64 with the latest version of Reaper.)

    Thank you in advance and keep up the good work!

    Best Regards,
    Daniel Nagy

  11. Hi!

    Thanks for releasing a free plugin that is also a perfect emulation of a real instrument.
    Could you please make the patch window to also have the same look as the green lcd with the display font?
    That would look so much better than the grey one now.

    Thanks again for your work and share!

    1. Hi,

      could you tell me if this is version 1.18 of the plugin? I fixed an issue like this some time ago.

      What is your audio buffer configuration, i.e. the number of buffers and the buffer size?

      I recreated your loop in reaper with the latest version but I’m unable to reproduce this issue here.



    2. Hallo Nils,

      When I save a song with K1v, the selected patch does not seem to be stored in the song. So when I open the song after saving it, K1v always has “IA-1 Ahh” loaded as the sound.

      Is there a way to save the correct sound?

      (I am using VST3 v1.23 in Studio One on Windows 10.)

      1. Hi,

        usually this works fine, is it possible that Studio One sends a program change to the plugin after load? In that case, the preset is switched. Make sure that either no program change is sent or that it is set to the preset you want to use.



        1. Hallo Nils,

          I tested the VST2 on Windows and compared to VST3, as well as the VST2 and VST3 on Mac OS (latest Big Sur.) I only tested the 64-bit versions. All tests were done in Studio One 4.6.2.

          Here is what I found:

          Windows 64-bit:
          1) Windows VST2 works as expected.

          2) Widows VST3 does not recall the program on reload, as I described.

          Mac 64-bit:
          3) Mac VST2 recalls the program on reload, but the program menu does not update when a new bank is selected. To get the right programs to display, I needed to refresh the display by clicking the EDIT or SYSTEM button, then clicking back to SINGLE.

          4) Mac VST3 does not show up at all.

          I hope you will find this information useful.

          1. Hi,

            unfortunately I cannot reproduce the state saving issue on VST3. I released 1.24 which addresses that the VST3 cannot be used on Mac and it allows to manually switch between stereo-output and 8-channel-output.



  12. Hi Nills,

    I have the same observation as JC (Juli 26, 2021 um 09:52 Uhr). I am using K1v plugin in Reaper 6.46 (W10 64-bit) and it is the only one plugin, that was not saving patches after DAW restart, always loading „IA-1 Ahh“ after DAW restart and loading VST plugins. I was searching if there is any PC on midi track, but there was not. I changed from K1v VST3i to VSTi and now K1v loads previously saved patch.

    Do you think it’s a DAW’s issue or VST3i may behave in a different way that VSTi?


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