2008-2009: Casino Multi-Gamer Slot Machine

  • Ariston Automaten GmbH / Funatics Software GmbH
  • x86-PC with Ubuntu Linux 9.04 and USB hardware interface, hardware RGB LED displays, touchscreen interface
  • Ogre3D, OpenAL
  • Complete development of the software, game engine, graphics system, sound system with OpenAL, connection to hardware interface and control software
  • Full software emulation of the hardware including virtuall LED display
  • simulation mode in 2000 x acceleration
  • different test gamers AIs
  • excel output
  • plugin system, delay-loadable games, LED lighting engine with color flows, motion blur, particle system, bonus games, jackpot system, two hardware win ladders

2008: nGonic GbR – Architecture Visualization

  • Own company nGonic GbR
APIs / Languages
  • C/C++, Javascript, Ogre3D, SpiderMonkey, 3dsmax SDK
  • Full engine development, base on Ogre3D
  • 3dsmax exporter
  • Embed the engine as firefox plugin
  • Standalone app development
  • streaming system for huge worlds without loading times
  • http file system for dynamic content directly from the internet
  • Connect the engine to Javascript for complete control by code in web browser