Ein Gedanke zu „Universal Manager – MIDI Patch Manager“

  1. Hello,
    I’m aware that I consider questioning you about an old software, designed by yourself, however, it looks as it’s the only one available for Novation Nova.
    I tried to use it on my old Pentium computer, running XP Home edition, connected to Emagic AMT-8 midi interface and from this device to my Nova.
    It works rather hectic and in completely unpredictable way. Sometimes I manage to receive the sound patches from Nova, but after that it fails to do it again.
    In most cases the message given is : Packet error…
    With loading the patches (even the one that I once managed to save after requested patches from Nova were received) is even worse, They cannot be usually loaded, sometimes I manage to load something. The typical information after pressing Load and choosing the file (with .mid extension) is: Found 0 matching packets, 256 wrong packets.
    The system on Nova is OS version 4.1.
    I hope some kind of explanation will be found.

    Thanks in advance for any help,

    Best regards,


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