New Website

Hi there,

while my website already started rusting because of missing regular updates, I decided to switch from joomla to wordpress to make it easier for me to post updates more frequently. I didn’t convert all articles to the english language yet, this means that you will see the german equivalents until I got them ready. Please give me some time 🙂



Neue Webseite


nachdem meine Webseite nach zu wenigen Updates schon regelrecht am verrosten war, habe ich mich dazu entschlossen, es nun mal anstelle von joomla mit WordPress zu versuchen. Nachdem ich damit schon mein Portfolio erstellt hatte und sehr zufrieden war, kann es von nun an nur besser werden. In Zukunft gibt es Updates also häufiger 🙂



2008-2009: Casino Multi-Gamer Slot Machine

  • Ariston Automaten GmbH / Funatics Software GmbH
  • x86-PC with Ubuntu Linux 9.04 and USB hardware interface, hardware RGB LED displays, touchscreen interface
  • Ogre3D, OpenAL
  • Complete development of the software, game engine, graphics system, sound system with OpenAL, connection to hardware interface and control software
  • Full software emulation of the hardware including virtuall LED display
  • simulation mode in 2000 x acceleration
  • different test gamers AIs
  • excel output
  • plugin system, delay-loadable games, LED lighting engine with color flows, motion blur, particle system, bonus games, jackpot system, two hardware win ladders

2008: nGonic GbR – Architecture Visualization

  • Own company nGonic GbR
APIs / Languages
  • C/C++, Javascript, Ogre3D, SpiderMonkey, 3dsmax SDK
  • Full engine development, base on Ogre3D
  • 3dsmax exporter
  • Embed the engine as firefox plugin
  • Standalone app development
  • streaming system for huge worlds without loading times
  • http file system for dynamic content directly from the internet
  • Connect the engine to Javascript for complete control by code in web browser