Taking big steps forward

Though I didn’t post much, I coded much 🙂

Nearly all instructions are implemented. My test code is running, but not with the result I expected 🙂

There are some tricky parts that I have to solve at the moment. In the last days I spent much time on proper ccr updates, scaling modes, adding the support for the „latched“ registers a,b,x and y to be able to handle parallel instructions correctlythat use the same register in both an ALU and a MOVE instruction.

The bugs in the 56300 family manual can be really annoying. It’s very clear to me that they copy-pasted the documentation from the older 16-bit DSP and then changed the doc to fit the new 24-bit DSP, but they missed some parts, which can be a real pain.

Additionally, some things aren’t explained detailed enough for emulation, the only thing I can do is to test it in the simulator GUI, which I found on the net. This one helps a lot!

Unfortunately, I’m still not able to tell how good it will perform once it’s completed. Most of the time I’m still testing in debug mode to find mistakes or to test something. The code isn’t optimized very well yet, but this will be the fun part 🙂

Stay tuned….